YOU Create Everything YOU Experience in Your Life.

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Creativity is often mistaken for something that it isn’t. I used to think you needed to be an excellent painter or musician in order to earn the title: ‘’Creator’’.

In reality, we are all creators.

We create every single second and most of the time we don’t even realize it. We create using our decisions.

Every single second we’re presented with decisions. If we are aware of them or not. Most of them happen in our subconscious mind. We do not have direct access to them, but we do have access to our active mind.

In our active mind, we make about 200-300 decisions per day. Those are decisions that we can control and impact. Everything else is handled by the subconscious mind – decisions are made for us. They’re made using the old patterns that we developed through our lives. We are talking about thousands upon thousands of decisions per day.

You might be thinking, how do we create when we make a decision. What does deciding about what I’ll have for breakfast have to do with creativity?

Good question.

How do you create?

Our decisions are often looked at as something with a short-term impact. In fact, most of us make decisions based on the short-term benefits we will experience. In reality the decisions we make on the day to day basis impact our lives much differently. They impact our lives on a grander and bigger scale. This comes from something I call the compound or the snowball effect. It’s been explained in one of my previous posts. (goal setting)

At the beginning of this post, I mentioned about every one of us being a creator. I mentioned how we are responsible for every single thing that we experience. Whether we know it or not. Desire it or not.

How to manifest your dream life


Here’s how it goes. It all starts with a belief in your subconscious mind. Let’s say you hold a very common negative belief. ‘’I’m fat because I have a slow metabolism.’’ (Just an example, it can be anything.)

A belief is something that you believe with all your heart. The decisions you make on the day to day basis are a direct result of the beliefs you hold.

As we know the universe likes to connect stuff. It will always connect in the way of least resistance. The starting point is always your initial belief.

Moving on, it’s breakfast time. You just woke up, you’re brushing your teeth, starting at the reflection of yourself in the mirror. You go to the cupboard/fridge and open it up. On the left, you see a couple of bananas, strawberries, some spinach and mango. That would make a good healthy smoothie, you think to yourself.

Then you glance to the right. There’s a box of freshly baked chocolate glazed donuts, with strawberry filling. Your mouth starts watering.

At this point, your mind is presented with a decision. This decision can be brought to the awareness of your active mind or it can stay in the subconscious.

If it stays in the subconscious, you’ll automatically grab the box of donuts. Because your subconscious mind holds the belief that you’re fat because you have a slow metabolism. And that there’s nothing you can do about it.


The decision is brought up to your attention, to your active mind. This is the crucial part and this is where you have control. You will become aware that you are at a point where you can either grab the donuts and stay fat. Or you can go for the smoothie and start with the weight loss journey.


Keep in mind that you still hold the belief of being fat in your subconscious. That means it’s 90% possible you’ll choose the donuts. BUT. If you have the willpower to go for the smoothie and you repeat this day by day, you will slowly change your belief.

Overtime when you’ll start seeing some results and because you kept going against your old belief. You will form a new neural pathway in your brain – you will change your belief. (Form a new one.)

From there on it will be easier for you to go for smoothies instead of donuts. This will also help out for every other meal, you will in general start eating healthier. All because you had the willpower of changing your belief.

With time you’ll notice that you lost all the excess weight. You look and feel great and you’ve also changed your limiting belief, that wasn’t serving you.

How you manifest your desires

This is a perfect example of why we are responsible for everything in our life. Every single thing that happens, is a result of our past decisions. Impacted by our beliefs.

I don’t care how impossible that may seem, I promise you that if you break down something you experienced. You will eventually find a reason/decision that caused the experience. If it came from a decision made by the active mind of course. As I mentioned it’s impossible to make decisions that only form in the subconscious.

This example was really simple and it was only used to get my point across.

I want you to know that changing your beliefs, held in your subconscious mind is extremely hard and it takes time. I will be writing more in depth about how to change them in another post.

This post was only intended to demonstrate how we create our physical reality.

I sincerely hope you found this post valuable.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time,

Benjamin 🙂

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