Why I Started Writing.

Why I started writing.

So I’ve been asked many times about why I started writing. The short answer is the feeling that I get after I write, I feel euphoric. I feel absolutely incredible and I feel like I can really express myself when I write.

Back in school I was forced to do a lot of writing, I always had to come up with different stories and fiction which was fun to do and it helped me develop my imagination, but I didn’t really enjoy writing about made up stories, so a few years later I tried writing about myself, like journaling in a sense. I feel in love with it. Here’s a good book I read on expressing your feelings through writing, I would recommend you to read it if you’re interested in writing/journaling. 🙂

Writing and journaling.

I used to do a lot of videos in the past and I feel like I couldn’t get my point across as clearly as I can get it across by writing. I find that when I write I have the opportunity to tell exactly how I feel in the most natural way. When I write I feel like I have a voice that is truly mine. If that makes sense.

In fact 2 years back I had a blog with the exact same name and similar topics, but I didn’t feel as confident as I do know and I was afraid that people would make fun of me, when they found out that I was writing, so after about 3 months of posting consistently, I deleted that blog. Luckily I saved some of the posts, but I wish I hadn’t closed that blog. It really makes me wonder how much I cared about what others thoughts back then.

Luckily I decided to re-open it and start again, so I would like to say thanks to every single person who is reading.

Writing is emotionally healing:

Another thing I love about writing is the fact that I can think and that I don’t have to explain something at that exact moment, unlike with video. Sometimes I will write half of my article in the morning and then I will run out of words, but then in a few hours I will be more inspired than ever to continue and write exactly what I feel, I will just know exactly how to write it and what kind of words to use that will make the most sense to you guys, my audience.

I find writing therapeutic to my mind, I find it healing. Sometimes when things aren’t going my way or when I feel like I have a lot on my mind and no one to share it with or talk to, I’ll just start to write.

How to start:

I will start by writing about how I feel, then continue to drill deeper into my feelings by asking myself why I feel like that and truly figure out every single detail about why I feel the way that I do.

When I get to the bottom of the feeling or a problem that’s been bothering me, not only do I feel really at peace and relaxed but most of the time I also find a very valuable lesson, which I can then share with you. 🙂

You see pain and painful feelings when we do experience them can teach us a lot, but we usually perceive them in a wrong way. We usually get scared of negative emotions and we suppress them, but in reality, we should be paying even more attention to the negative emotions than the positive ones, the positive ones are there to motivate you to keep pursuing your dreams and desires.

Express your inner beauty, through creating.

Negative emotions, however, guide you, they show you the right path and the right path is always the one where you feel positive emotions because when you feel positive emotions it means that you’re aligned with not only your purpose but also your heart. And your heart is where all your emotions come from. Here’s a post I wrote a few days back on how you can really take advantage and learn from the negative emotions, you can check it out here.

Find your way of expressing your inner beauty:

So for me, it is writing, I find that it makes it easier for me to express what I feel when I write. Some people can talk about it, some can sing about it, others can draw and express their feelings, there really is a million different ways to express yourself, but usually, it can be done in some sort of a creative way and for me, that creative way is writing.

What is your creative way of expressing yourself?

Thanks for your time, hope you enjoyed reading the post.

Until next time,

– Benjamin 🙂

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