What Makes Us Want to Escape the Present Moment

Why do we escape the present moment

Our lives are filled with emotions and feelings.

Every single second thousand upon thousands of feelings pass through us. It’s important for us to accept any and every feeling that comes along. Yet at the pace of the modern life, we live in, that doesn’t happen. At least not most of the time.

As we know, there are 2 sides of everything. Black and white. The sun and the moon. Heads or tails on a coin. Hot and cold, etc..

The Hermetic Principle of Duality also applies to our emotions. We have both positive and negative. We don’t like both of them though. We only seem to focus on feeling positive. We always want the feel-good hormones released in our brain. We do not care about the negativity or the pain that comes with it. There is no dopamine release in that after all.

By doing that we limit life. Instead of living life to the fullest, by experiencing the full spectrum of emotions, we only experience half of it. Every emotion has a lesson attached to it. The positive ones are meant for us to continue in the way that we are currently going.

The negative ones, which are more important than positive ones are often ignored. They are ignored because they take courage. It takes extreme courage to be emotionally honest with yourself. And if you can’t be emotionally honest with yourself, then how will you be emotionally honest with others?

If you’re not emotionally honest in your life, you will never feel connected. Your ego will continue to rule your world. It will continue to make you feel separated from everything in everyone. Even though in reality we are all connected. I recommend this book if you’re interested in more.

What makes us want to escape the present moment

Returning back to negative emotions. Their purpose is to guide you, in fact, emotions are and always should be your guide. Positive emotions tell you to keep going, that you’re doing something right. Negative emotions try to re-route you if you let them.

Here’s the catch with negative emotions. Instead of being honest with ourselves about how we feel. Instead, we numb those negative emotions. We do that because they are painful and take extreme courage to process.

We numb these negative emotions with food, alcohol, tv, social media, etc. We numb them with anything that will give us a dopamine release. The feel-good hormone, which makes us forget and push down the negative emotions.

Let me tell you what you need to do instead. Sit down, take a piece of paper and ask yourself how you feel, be honest and let it all out. You will feel a lot of energy passing through you, but only if you’re completely honest.

You will feel a lot of uncomfortable emotional sensations in your body, but when you write it all out. Take a step back and look at what you wrote. I promise you that you will see the lesson your emotions have been trying to tell you.

I often find that if a negative emotion pops up, the universe and my heart is trying to guide me. It’s trying to tell me I’m not doing something I should be and that I need to reconsider my decisions.

Lotus flower peace and love

All it takes is 100% honesty. It takes courage, to be honest, but start with small negativity first and work your way up. Over time your life will start to shift and you’ll find yourself much more aligned.

When you take your negative emotions into account and listen to what they’re trying to tell you. Your life will start to support you in every way possible.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed the post and that you found it valuable.

Thanks for reading.

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