How to Use Honesty to Create Your Dream Life

Courage and strength
Honesty. The most important and crucial thing you need to master, to gain direct access to your intuition. The field of unlimited potential (source or the universe).
We often suppress our feelings. We do not pay attention to them, in fact, we try very hard to ignore them and pretend they do not exist.
Our feelings and our emotions are 100% crucial to living a fulfilled and successful life. Without full emotional honesty and acceptance of feelings, one will not be able to reach their full potential.
Until you decide to start accepting every uncomfortable emotion and every feeling that appears in an already painful and uncomfortable area of life, you will not change anything. You can only start to change it when you surrender, let go and be honest and accepting of your emotions.
Courage and strength
Every area of your life has an emotion attached to it. We are usually pretty good at accepting good feeling emotions in the areas of life where our desires are present. It is the areas of our life, where we don’t have our desires that cause problems.
It depends on an individual how many areas of life aren’t fulfilled. It varies from person to person. If there are a lot that’s totally fine, you will learn a lot through all the discomfort.
If there aren’t as many, it means that you are already living really well. But I’m 100% sure you’re not completely satisfied with everything.
Emotions and the ocean
In one of my older posts: Negative Feelings HURT, But They’re More Useful Than Positive Ones. I talked about how much lessons these uncomfortable emotions hold.
Back to the title of this post, honesty. We are accustomed to denying emotions that make us feel uncomfortable. We all do it and we probably always will. Luckily for us when we suppress an emotion, it only becomes stronger.
The more we try to push down the discomfort, the more uncomfortable it becomes over time. Your emotions will never ever give up on you, they will keep growing stronger and stronger. They are doing that because they love you and want to benefit you, they DESIRE your attention.
They desire it because the uncomfortable emotions want to teach you a lesson. A lesson that will make it possible to achieve what you desire.
In order to receive and understand the lesson, you must go deep. Peel your feelings like an onion. Dig deep, gentle and slow. Ask yourself, what and how do I feel. Why do I feel it and where is it coming from.
Over time you will notice that all the discomfort is trying to teach you. It wants to guide you and it WANTS you to have what you really want.
It’s funny how good we are at suppressing our emotions. Sometimes we push them down so deep that they make us forget what we desired in the first place.
Free like a bird.
The key is returning back, going deep and realizing what it is that is causing the discomfort. Asking yourself what needs to be done in order to grow is crucial. Even more crucial is taking action. Taking action on the advice you received from your emotions (intuition) is actually the most important part of the entire process.
It comes down to being honest. Honesty takes courage. It feels risky, scary and uncomfortable, but so does everything that benefits us.
It is through discomfort that we grow. As long as we apply more and more pressure every day. Over time, we will turn into a very strong, happy and fulfilled individual.
Honesty is hard. At first, you won’t be honest with yourself, but try to be. Be patient and persistent. You will get better and you will learn what your inner voice sounds like. That is your core. This is what connects you to source, to the field of unlimited abundance.
I hope you found this post helpful and valuable.

Thanks for reading.
Until next time.
Benjamin 🙂

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