How to Stop Worrying About Things that DON’T MATTER.

Stop Worrying

I worry too much, there I admitted it. I worry about everything, constantly. My mind is always on the run to come up with as many potential problems and stuff that I need to worry about as possible. That happens even after I just solved a problem, the mind is already coming up with new potential problems.

The thing is these ”problems” aren’t actually problems. It’s just stuff our mind makes up so that it has something to do. You see, in this current day and age we put way too much focus on our thoughts, we often don’t realize that 99% of problems aren’t actually problems, it’s just our mind trying to create some fun for itself so that it doesn’t get bored.

Accept change, do not resist it.

In one of my previous posts: Eliminating Negativity and also Achieve the Highest Level of Happiness, I mentioned a little bit about our self-image a.k.a. our ego, that constantly seeks validation, approval and a ”reason to live” if I can call it that. When the ego doesn’t get fed with the validation, it gets scared. It gets scared of that it will die or change. Ego sees change as possible death.

The funny thing is that we humans constantly change, every single second we are changing. Every single second, our body is repairing, healing, creating, transforming (energy). Same with the universe and every single object and living being in this world, so it would only make sense that we would be comfortable with change, as it’s part of us and our living nature. (more details about this in a future post)

Stress and fear.

Fear is an illusion.

Let me tell you something, every single fear, worry, anxiety, sadness and all the other negative emotions we don’t like experiencing come from the ego. We’re all built on love, our natural frequency or emotion is love, but we’ve distanced ourselves so far from it by the way we kept feeding our ego, that we now perceive these negative emotions as part of our life.

The truth is they really aren’t part of us, they’re only produced in the mind, by the ever hungry ego and self-image.

Imagine that you could do and achieve anything you wanted in life, close your eyes and imagine it.

Pretty wonderful, right? It’s possible too, it’s the way the universe intended us to be and feel. Our neutral feeling or emotion is love and joy. What’s the opposite of love and joy? Fear.

How to remove fear and anxiety:

Fear prevents you from trying, taking action and taking the leap of faith towards your goals, so in order to get rid of the anxiety, fear and worries, all you have to do is return to your true nature, love and joy.

This, of course, is easier said than done, but it’s not impossible.

The key to eliminating all worries, anxieties and other negative emotions is to just let go. Let go of all the approval, validation seeking and other things that the ego desperately wants and feeds itself of off.

You can naturally free yourself from your negative thoughts, by just observing. Here’s a whole post I’ve done on exactly how you can do that:

Once you’re in the observer mode simply ask yourself when you notice a thought: past or future?

This is something I’ve realized today, during my meditation. EVERYTHING NEGATIVE, IS EITHER PAST or FUTURE. You never worry about this exact moment right now, correct?


Past or Future?

This blew my mind because ever since I’ve been really observing my thoughts I’ve noticed how my mind is constantly trying to bring the past back to life or trying to figure out how the future will play out. I used to struggle and resist these thoughts, but now I just ask myself: past or future?

If I can pick one of those 2, I smile. I know I’ve just captured my ego trying to control me.

These things take time. It’s hard to constantly observe your thoughts, I constantly slip up too, but you get better. Start off with eliminating the negative thoughts, once you do that, proceed to observe and control what you allow your mind to think.

Remember: past or future?

Thanks for spending your time reading this post.

Until next time,

-Benjamin 🙂

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