Why Successful People Spend Most of Their Free Time With Their Family

Recently I realized something about meditation and what’s it all about.
Meditation is all about observing the changes. Observing the changes that happen in your body every single second. As we know, the world is always evolving, so is the universe and everything else on this planet.
Everything is vibrating, moving and evolving. Only when we become present and aware of the moment, we get the ability to observe. To observe how energy transforms, things evolve and change.
They might be very little changes that are hard to notice. But, when something keeps on changing every single second. It will over time lead to change on a bigger scale. I call that the result of time, consistency and momentum.
Back to the topic of this post. Family.
I’m positive we all had the option to chose a family that we were born into before we were actually born.
At the moment I’m on a little vacation with my family, I’ll post some pictures in this article. 🙂 It’s so beautiful here, it’s nice to spend some quality time with the family. Taking it easy on the work side of things, of course, I still write and read a lot, but I don’t consider that work.
Yesterday my family and I were on a walk and I thought about something. I thought to myself when I looked at my mom and younger brother. How beautiful it is that we have people around us who love us and support us no matter what. But what made me even more grateful is when I noticed the changes.
Family first.
As I said earlier, everything in this world is always evolving and changing. When we are able to see these changes in the people that are closest to us, in the people we love. It makes everything even more beautiful.
The more time you spend with your family the more of these changes you will notice. They’ll be very subtle at first. As time will pass, you’ll see how each and every one of your loved ones is learning and progress in their lives. It makes it interesting to watch and observe their progress, it makes you love them even more.
This is one of the major problems in today’s world. People don’t spend enough time with their family. Thus they don’t pay enough attention to people that are closest to them. Which takes away a lot of love and gratitude from their life.
I know that work is important. But if you’re not spending quality time with your family at least for a couple of hours per week. Then you’re missing out on the love and blessings this life has to offer.
Relaxation, family removes stress.
I also find spending time with my family is very relaxing and enjoyable. It makes stress melt and you can feel how love is going through your body and healing you. All that it takes is 100% presence in the moment, no phones, no distractions, only you and your family.
I hope you found this article enjoyable. As much as I love work, spending time with my family will ALWAYS be one of my main priorities. In fact, I don’t think we need anything else in our lives other than work (which we love and our family).

Thanks for your time, now, go hug your family and spend some time with them. 🙂
Until next time,
Benjamin 🙂

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