The past doesn’t matter.

Mistakes and your past.

As you all know by now, our monkey mind is constantly trying to play with us and our emotions, by jumping from past events to future possibilities. Not only does that take away from the focus and joy of the present moment, but it also makes us anxious, scared and nervous about our future.

I’m talking about our mistakes. Our mistakes from the past which we hold in our memory so dearly as if they happened yesterday. Instead of all the beautiful memories full of joy, our mind will sometimes choose to spend more time wondering and bringing up what went wrong in the past and then it’s going to try and connect it to how it could go wrong sometime in the future.

For me, my mind is quite interesting. I always tend to doubt my actions before something important is about to go down, not only that my mind usually goes crazy and it starts developing stories for how it could go wrong, it’s quite funny to watch.

Past doesn't define you.

Stop overthinking:

Here’s what I do to manage that and to get rid of it completely. First off make sure to accept your feelings, admit what you’re feeling and be ok with how you’re feeling. Don’t resist the emotions, remember what we resist, persists.

Once you are aware of how you’re feeling, whether that’s being nervous, anxious, etc.. Just admit it to yourself, be aware of it and accept it.

Once you accept that feeling fully, your mind will stop jumping around and you’ll be fully present and focused, ready to smash the task.

What I really wanted to talk about in this post is the fact that your past doesn’t define you. As you know we’re constantly changing, as is everything around us. Nothing right NOW is the same as it was 1 second ago.

So if you aren’t the same person you were a second ago, then why would you even think you are the same person you were when you made that mistake a month, a year or a decade ago? What makes you think that you’re going to repeat it unless of course, you haven’t learned your lesson yet.

Here’s an incredible book on how to stop overthinking and really learn from your mistakes, it’s really good, you should give it a read.

2 ways to handle your mistakes:

You see you can choose to handle your mistakes in 2 ways:

You can decide to write down all your emotions, thoughts and feelings and ask yourself what would I have to do differently to get the result I desire. Once you have that written down, make sure you memorize it and when you’re sure you won’t repeat it again, you don’t have to worry about making that same mistake again.

You can choose to feel sorry for yourself, you don’t look for the lesson and you don’t care about getting a different outcome next time. Good luck with choosing this option.

All that a mistake is a good idea, that turned out bad. You learned from it and you should be grateful that you were able to learn.

That mistake was going to come up in your life sooner or later, so why not just accept it, figure out what it taught you and move on. It’s now over, it’s done with and you will never have to repeat that same mistake ever again.

When you look at mistakes like lessons and you truly are grateful for them, your life will change. Sure, express your anger, be furious when you make the mistake, but remember. Always look at every situation in the best positive way, don’t try to make it feel good, but just try to feel the emotions in the most positive way.

Learn from your mistakes.

Your definition of a ”mistake” will change:

Over time your outlook on mistakes will change, you’ll become grateful for them and you’ll progress 3x times faster in life because you won’t be afraid of them anymore.

One more tip: If you are constantly repeating the same mistake in any area of your life, sit down and write for as long as you need to. Even if it takes you multiple days. Remember, you’ll keep repeating the same mistake until you learn your lesson.

Hope you found this helpful.

Thanks for your time.

Until next time,

– Benjamin 🙂

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