Let Go of Limiting Beliefs About Success to Achieve Greatness.

Overcoming limiting beliefs

Many times I find myself focusing on the future. I find myself looking at cars and houses, daydreaming about them and how it’s going to feel when I have all that.

It’s a big dream of mine to have a sports car one day. I have always been fascinated by them and I don’t have even the slightest bit of doubt in that happening.

Because of the prices of sports cars and the amount of money you need to buy one, I often find myself trying to look for shortcuts.

I try looking for shortcuts that will get me to my goal sooner. It’s not that I don’t like what I do or that I’m not happy with how my life is at the moment. It’s just that I always strive for something better and I often forget to enjoy in the present moment.

Overcoming limiting beliefs:

I realized this the other day when I was looking at YouTube videos of people who own supercars. I always find myself obsessing with people who already have the ‘’car’’ that I desire. I look at what they do and I think that they’re successful because the thing they’re doing made them successful.

Then I start thinking if I should start doing that as well. I’ve been in this everlasting loop of trying to find a way to get to my desires by doing the same thing other people are doing. By doing what people who have what I desire are doing.

Over the years that has to lead me to try out many different things, but 95% of them were a waste of time. They were a waste of time because I did them for the result (cars, wealth…) and not for the enjoyment of it.

This post isn’t about having enjoyment and loving what you do, that was already covered here.

This post is about sharing a thought of mine on why you should go deep and narrow and not far and wide (I think that’s how you say it.)

Hold empowering beliefs about your work:

By going deep and narrow what I mean is focusing on what you truly enjoy. Whatever it is. As long as you are good at it, if you can help people out (provide value) and if it brings you enjoyment, do it.

Don’t think that in order to achieve what you desire in life, you have to do what other people have. Don’t think that there is only one way to succeed.

There are a million ways to succeed. That’s because there are a million of things people need and a million of things you can provide. All you have to do is choose one and go for it.

Limiting beliefs list

If you’re good at painting pieces of wood and you actually like to do it. Ask people around you if they need something painted. Do it for free at first. Over time people will see that you’re actually really good at it, they’ll see that because they’ll recognize your passion. That’s why it’s really important to pick something you like doing. Again, it can be anything.

Combine your passion for work with positive thinking:

Short story short. Just start. Put in the work. Don’t try to be an influencer, entrepreneur or an Instagram model like everyone else. Put in the work, provide people value and make sure you enjoy it. Remember, everything starts out small but with persistence, it can grow.

Instead of daydreaming about what you want to have and not doing anything about it. Daydream about what you want to have while working on something you love. I promise you, it’ll be a much better use of your time.

The growth that you’ll see over time is incredible. Remember, there’s always an opportunity. There’s always an opportunity for you to provide value. All you have to do is ask and offer.

Until next time,

Benjamin 🙂

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