Negative Feelings HURT, But They’re More Useful Than Positive Ones.

Negative feelings can be useful.
Why do we feel pain?

Pain is something all of us absolutely hate. Whether pain is physical or psychological, it hurts.

Let’s take a look at physical pain. You fall off your bike and you scrape your knee.

Or you eat something bad and you start feeling pain in your stomach.

Those kinds of pain are usually a signal that something is not ok. It’s a way for your body to communicate with you that you need to take care of yourself, by changing the conditions/circumstances or the stress that you put your physical body under.

For physical pain, it’s easy to figure out what the problem is. You drink some tea and your stomach ache goes away.

Or you put a band-aid on your scraped knee.

Feeling pain.

Physical vs. psychological pain.

But then we have psychological pain, which is much more complicated to understand. Or at least we thought.

Psychological pain comes from your subconscious. It’s a signal that something is not ok and that you need to change the conditions/circumstances or the stress that you’re putting your ”emotional body” under. Instead of physical pain, however, your body uses negative emotions, which do not feel good and cause you to feel emotional pain.

Here’s the important part. Remember what we said earlier about your body communicating with you that something is wrong when you feel physical pain? Well, why wouldn’t it be exactly the same here?

If you answered it’s exactly the same, then your answer is correct.

Feeling negative emotions.

What are negative emotions?

Negative emotions are simply a tool your brain, or your subconscious rather uses to express itself. It’s giving you a red alarm that something needs to change soon, or there’s going to be even more pain coming shortly.

But yet, we don’t understand it. We numb ourselves by eating junk food, watching tv shows, getting drunk, etc. We do all of that just NOT to feel our feelings. Oh, boy are we on the wrong path.

See your feelings exist for a reason, they tell you what to do and they guide you. But by suppressing them and pushing them down you’re not only doing harm to yourself and your body, but you’re also allowing the pain to grow into something even greater.

Suppressed emotions cause many many diseases, some of which cannot be cured and can cause death. Did you know that cancer is a result of suppressed anger?

If you didn’t, here’s a good book I read on curing many diseases by expressing your suppressed negative emotions, we all have them. Check it out!

Anyway, my point is to listen to your emotions, feel them, but keep in mind that you are not your emotions. When you feel sad, remember that you’re not sad, you’re just experiencing sadness.

Or when you’re angry, remember that you’re not angry, you’re just feeling anger.

Why do we feel negative emotions?

You see all these emotions are a result of our DESIRES, not being met or not coming true. Let’s say we desire more friends or money or a new job, however, if we don’t do anything to ACQUIRE THOSE DESIRES and ACHIEVE OUR GOALS, well guess what. You will be sad, angry and depressed.

Whenever you don’t listen to yourself and what you really want, that’s when you feel these negative feelings, that hurt. So remember, negative feelings are one of the most important messengers in your body. They basically tell you that you’re doing something on the daily basis, that you don’t like or you don’t want to do.

Negative feelings.

They’re beginning you to listen to them, they want to transform into positive emotions and they want nothing else for you other than to feel good, but how can they allow you to feel good, when you’re not doing what you really want to do and not going after exactly what you desire?

The next time you experience a negative emotion first make sure to calm down and tell yourself that you’re only experiencing this feeling and that you’re not the actual emotion. Then take a piece of paper and let all your feelings flow, write down everything and I promise you, that you’ll find a desire/goal that you really want to have and achieve, but are denying it every single day.

Remember, the pain is only going to keep on getting stronger and stronger until you listen and ask yourself what these emotions are trying to tell you.

They do hurt, but they’re one of the best gifts we’ve ever received from the universe.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time,

– Benjamin 🙂

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