How to Notice Law of Attraction Signs from the Universe and Take Action! (Number 1 MANIFESTATION Tip People Don’t Know About!)

Law of Attraction Signs

Atenttion. It’s something that’s very valuable to all of us.

Attention allows us to focus on work. It allows us to complete projects and fix problems, with 100% focus.

Attention also allows us to notice the little things, the details. As we know details are a crucial part when trying to make something the best it can be. Everyone can create something mediocre. Not many can create something extraordinary. Attention is required to do that. Attention to detail.

Now that we’ve covered what attention is. Let’s figure out what sparks your interest and gets your attention. In today’s world, I’d say that 80% of your ability to focus and pay attention to something is taken by your phone.

With constant notifications and never-ending content that we can consume, most of our attention is spent looking at our phones. Unfortunately, that’s not a good thing. Your phone is taking away from the success in your life. It’s making the creators richer and it’s keeping you in the same place. It’s making you procrastinate and it’s making you doubt your self-worth.

Now that I’ve covered that and you’re probably going to at least try to use your phone a little less. Let’s talk about how you can actually ‘’spend’’ your attention wisely.

In the real world, when you’re walking around and just living your life, you will often notice things. There will be things in your day that will spark your interest. They will make you stop for a second and they will make you think. In short, they will snap you out from your thinking and into the present moment. Into reality, to what got your attention.

It can be a cute girl/guy, shoes that someone is wearing, a car, etc. It can be anything and everything. As long as it sparks your interest, there’s something there.

As we know these days we’re all stuck in our minds and constantly thinking. When something like this happens that clearly snaps you out of the thinking pattern, you need to focus. Something OUTSIDE your control is trying to get your attention. I call these: signs.

You may not agree with me, but a sign is the universe trying to guide you and communicates with you, it’s child.

Let’s say that you desire something in your life. You’re working towards it and you constantly visualize it. You take action, but you only THINK with your intellect. You don’t pay attention to your heart and feelings. Instead, you only use your mind to try and predict how something will happen. That’s a big mistake.

Let me explain.

Universal Signs you need to take action

Let’s say that you’re sitting in a coffee shop and someone is reading a book that sparks your interest. It can be the cover of the book, the design, the thickness, whatever. This is the most important part. Yesterday I talked about decisions and how they form your reality. This is exactly that. You’re presented with a decision.

A decision where you can either take action and start a conversation with the person about the book that sparked your interest. Or you can back down and continue staring at your phone.

99% of the time we will choose the second option. Why? Because we’re scared and afraid that it’ll be weird and awkward of talking to others. Yes, our ego is that bad.

However, it’s our HEART that created that spark of interest. And what did I say about achieving your desires earlier? Focus more on the heart and less on the intellect.

By this point, your heart is screaming yes, go for it, approach and start the conversation. At the same time, your mind is coming up with 500 reasons per second on why you shouldn’t do it.


Law of attraction. You need to take action, just visualizing won’t do it for you. Action is crucial.

Here’s an essential book you need to read if you want to get better at connecting with others.

Approach the person and tell them exactly why you approached them. Introduce yourself, be kind and friendly. When you SAY and tell them why you approached them and you share what SPARKED your interest. You’re acting on the behalf of the universe.

The universe literally GAVE YOU something to talk about. It gave you a reason to connect with the other person. As long as you remain honest about it and be genuine about what got your attention. The other person will respond in a very positive way as well. That’s a promise.

The universe works in a very mysterious way, but if you just listen to it and pay attention to its guidance, you will always achieve what you desire.

Universal signs you need to listen to

I have absolutely no idea what will happen if you decide to take action and approach the person, but let’s come up with some examples.

So you approach and introduce yourself. You explain how the cover of the book really sparked your attention and you ask about it. The other person responds in a very positive way (95% of the time that’s the case) and you start talking. By the end of the talk:

  • You figure out that the book they were reading is exactly what you were looking for. You also become friends with the person and exchange contact information.
  • The person actually designed the cover of the book and is really grateful for your compliment. Suddenly you realize you were just looking for a graphic designer to design a logo for your new business. You connect and become friends.
  • Nothing happens, but the person is very friendly and likes reading books. You share some interests and exchange phone numbers. You become good friends.

These are just 3 possibilities. My point is that there are endless possibilities. No matter how awkward and shy you might be. As long as you remain honest about your intention, things will always turn out good.

Here’s a YouTube video that helped me with meeting new people. I really recommend you to watch it.

We live in the day and age where real-life contact is slowly dying. In my opinion, that’s the most important part that lead to us evolving so fast as a species. Collaboration.

Another thing I need to mention is that no matter how scared you might be. The worst thing that can happen is that you get just a little bit of small talk in with no valuable conversation. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not. You gave it a try, you acted on your feeling and that’s all that matters.

Please take this into consideration, I promise that it has the power to change your life.

Thanks for your time and attention, hope you found this helpful.

Until next time,

Benjamin 🙂

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