How You Can Change Your Life Through Journaling

There’s this inner voice inside each and every one of us. Some call it intuition, others call it their inner child.

I prefer to call it the little me, but sometimes I call it the big me because I’m amazed by the power this being/energy inside of me has.

Journaling helps with creativity:

Let me first start with what got me into journaling.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts about why I started writing, I have had this passion for writing ever since I can remember. When I took on this blog I decided to journal for 30 minutes before writing a blog post.

I didn’t take journaling as anything serious, to be honest, I thought it’d just be something to get my creativity flowing, I can’t believe how wrong I was. In short, I believe journaling will change my life. It already has in many ways, but the amount of potential this little tool has is absolutely incredible.

Journaling for mental health.

I’m sure all of you are familiar with intuition and what that is. In short, it’s this energy that comes from the source, as they call it. It’s this energy that simply knows what to do, how to do it when to do it and everything else that’s required for you to take the next step in life.

Journaling and mental health:

Unfortunately, while I do feel I have a VERY strong intuition, I never used to be able to access it. I never knew how to ask it what to do, how to do it, etc. I just used my mind to solve my problems. Which is a mistake and not the best way to go about things most of the time.

But then I started journaling. The way I journal has been explained here. If you haven’t read that post yet I ask you to read it, before you continue reading this post.

How to Write a Journal

Not only does journaling help me release suppressed emotions, it also helps me release them. Sure that is wonderful. I was never good at figuring out how I feel. In fact, I also think that journaling and doing written inner child work is excellent for improving emotional intelligence.

Journal to find answers to confusing life questions:

The true power, however, presented itself to me on a different occasion. Instead of working on suppressed emotions I did something different. I (my inner child) asked myself a question, I wrote it down with my left (non-dominant) hand. It was a question about something that I’ve been stressing about and felt lost in. I felt like I didn’t have the power to find the answer.

After I wrote the question down, I switched hands. Looked at the picture of myself when I was younger and there it was. I started writing. I didn’t write by thinking about the words.

I just wrote. Word by word, it came out and there it was. There was my answer and it was exactly what I needed.

Ever since I realized the power of this I hadn’t stopped journaling and doing inner child work.

Well maybe I have for a few days, but I always come back to it. The fulfillment and the flow of life you experience when you journal daily is absolutely incredible.

I encourage you all to do it and I truly believe this is one of the most incredible tools for connecting with the ultimate field of knowledge, that’s being neglected and not being used.

I hope this helps and improves your life every single day the way it does mine.

Thank you.

Until next time,

Benjamin 🙂

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