How To Find Your Life Purpose and Happiness

Find life purpose

You actually don’t know what you want in life.

Before you click off, let me explain why that is the beauty of it all.

We’re always bombarded with the media saying that we need a purpose in life. We keep on hearing how we need specific goals, how we need to know exactly what we want to achieve and when we want to achieve it.

If you ask me that’s not the way to go in life. Here’s why.

I would say about 95% of people have no idea, where they want to be, what they want to do and what they want to accomplish.

I want you to know that that is perfectly fine, you don’t have to keep on obsessing about what you’re going to achieve next. You don’t have to stress about how you’re going to achieve it and when. It’s a waste of time and an even bigger waste of your energy.

Often times we think we know what we want in life. For some it might be money, for others, it might be fame or something else. The thing is most of the time the goals we set are kind of selfish. We think that by having those things, they’ll lead to something else. That something else is the thing that you really desire, but are kind of afraid to admit it to yourself.

Find life purpose

I often talk about how you need to be honest with yourself and how that’s one of the most important and neglected life principles.

We often don’t go for what we really desire. Not because we don’t know what it is that we truly want. But because it’s easier to set a false goal, which you think will get you what you truly desire, than just admitting to yourself that you don’t have what you really want.

Admitting the lack of something that you REALLY WANT is hard. In fact, it’s probably one of the hardest things you can do in life. At the same time, it’s probably the most important one.

As I mentioned earlier, we often focus on things we THINK will lead to us having our real desire. For example, we think fame will make us liked and loved. In reality that’s not a desire for fame, that’s a desire for love.

I see this constantly, I’ve even seen it in myself and it took time before I realized I was setting fake goals for myself.

Stop being stressed about your life purpose and goals

Back to the story. If you think you have a desire for fame, but truly just want to feel loved. You will naturally want to strive for fame. Some people will achieve it, others won’t. The point is that even if you do achieve it, you will still feel empty. You won’t feel like you achieved your goal and that’s because you didn’t.

You focused on the wrong goal and inside you still feel the need for love.

What you’d need to do in this case is first to write it down and admit it that you lack love. 99.9% of the time it’s the lack of love that you have for yourself.

A lack of love can be a result of not doing what you love, not following your heart and feelings or just constantly criticizing yourself.

To truly achieve your goal, look within. Look what it is that you really want and begin with that.

It’s extremely hard, to be honest with yourself at first, but by doing it once it will get easier and easier. Achieving your true goals and desires that you really want will also be much easier, than achieving the desires and goals you think ‘’you want’’.

When you’re TRULY honest with yourself and what you want in life. Everything else will be taken care of for you, all you need to do is take action.

Love yourself and your life

It’s quite funny when you see the universe doing it all for you, you just need to be genuine and honest and continue following your heart/intuition. You will naturally know what to do and when to do it.

You will also notice that the second you start taking ACTION on your real goals and desires, you’ll be filled with joy and happiness. That’s how you know that you’re honest with yourself and your goals.

So, what are some of your goals, that you’ve been keeping from yourself?

Thanks for reading, I really hope you found this valuable.

Until next time.

Benjamin 🙂

2 Replies to “How To Find Your Life Purpose and Happiness

  1. Well. I must admit you are right. I have been lacking a lot of love for myself and also to others. I have been quite ‘cold’ to others just to protect myself. Lately I’ve been opening up more and more. It feels good because I am letting go of all the fears that I had and as a result I can let down that ‘heavy shield’ to protect myself. Now I just rather try to let it come at me.

    1. Sebastian, that’s exactly what you need to do. The mask or as you call it the shield is only there because the ego is scared of what others might think. Sure it might think it’s protecting you, but what it’s also doing is preventing others from helping you. In reality, it’s preventing you from living your dream life all just because it’s scared of what other people might ”think” or ”say”… Keep it up, it will be hard sometimes to be open. But those times when it’s going to get hard is what’s going to define and shape your future. 😉 Thanks for reading.

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