5 Tips You Can Use to be As Successful as Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Elon Musk aka the real-life Iron Man is probably one of the most successful entrepreneurs that have ever lived. That title sounds absolutely amazing, right? Well, he has definitely earned it, he has built many companies including Tesla and SpaceX, which are pretty well known as the projects they work on are just next level mind-blowing if I can call them that.

Musk’s success is a result of hard work or should I rather say consistent hard work. He works 100+ hours per week and he works 7 days a week.

He works a lot, but what makes these long work hours go even further is the productivity hacks and tricks he uses that I’m going to share with you today.

Most of the tips I’m going to give you are from his autobiography book I read, which you can check out here. Some tips I got from his Reddit AMA and the others from his interviews.

#1) He does one thing at a time.

Many of us always write a to-do list which is so long we often have no idea where to even start. Not only is that extremely discouraging, but it also promotes procrastination, which is already one of the biggest problems, at least for me.

Here’s what you can do about procrastination. Before you go to sleep, write down a to-do list for the next day, but only make it consist of the 5 most important things. Number 1 being the most important, followed by number 2,3 and so on. When you wake up the next morning start off with number 1 on your list and set aside at least 3 hours. Don’t stop working on number 1 until it’s completed.

You’re also not allowed to start with number 2 or any of the following ones until number 1 is completed exactly like it has to be. Not only will this boost your momentum and productivity fort he day, it will also allow you to get that first task really well done and it will prevent you from multitasking, which is usually the reason why we don’t do anything really well. We always just do half of the stuff on our to-do list, semi-good.

Musk doesn’t multitask, neither should you.

Here’s a good book on multitasking and why it’s so bad for you.

#2) He only turns his phone on when he needs to, the rest of the time it’s in airplane mode.

Our phones are like chains that are holding us down. They’re a big distraction that not only prevents us from achieving our life goals, but they also prevent us from being productive.

We constantly check social media, we’re constantly getting interrupted with texts and the new Migos song that just got released, basically, the media is constantly fighting for our attention.

Guess what, when your phone is in airplane mode, the media can’t get to you.

Musk recommends that you only check your phone 2-3 times per day, or just limit yourself to 20minutes of social media per day, the rest of the time it should be in airplane mode.

Elon Musk

#3) He looks at the longterm.

Humans have a very interesting way of working on things, we only look at the short term. Hmm, should I watch that new tv show/YouTube video that just got uploaded and eat some food?

Or do I want to eat later because I’m not really hungry and in the meantime, I’ll work on the next blog post?

Option 1, is what most people would pick. Including me from time to time.
But I can tell Musk would pick option 2, his incredible discipline always keeps him on track.
It’s the way he works, the way he lives and the way he builds companies.

Everything he does is always looked at from a point of view based on the long-term benefits, not the short-term benefits and short-term pleasures that most of us always want to experience.

Not only is that an extremely hard thing to keep up, it also requires a lot of dedication and discipline, you should try it. Even if it’s just for a day, you’ll start to really respect Elon Musk.

#4) He knows exactly where and how he’s spending his time.

Musk divides his day into 5minute slots. Every 5minutes of his day are already planned and set in stone before he even starts his day. By doing this, not only does it keep him extremely organized and insanely productive, it also gives him an advantage over all of us.

If you only knew how much time we waste every single day, not being aware of what we’re doing and being in ”robot/zombie” mode you’d be absolutely shocked.

The amount of time we spend sitting around, stuck in our thoughts, talking to people about meaningless things or just browsing YouTube/Instagram = PROCRASTINATION. Anyway, the amount of time we spend doing that is absolutely ridiculous.

A month back I picked a day where I tracked every 5minutes of my time. I spent about 7 hours of my time, doing nothing productive, just browsing the net and basically nothing. It almost drove me crazy when I saw the results.

While I don’t recommend that you use this exact productivity hack that Musk uses, I’ll recommend you a bit of an easier version.

Instead of dividing your day into 5-minute slots, divide it into 30-minute slots. It’s a bit easier on the brain and to start out with, but it’ll still keep you insanely productive and organized. Try it out.

Elon Musk

#5) He believes he can do it.

As cliche as this sounds, this is the most important part of this whole article. I wanted to make this number 1, but I wanted to give this tip to you as a reward for reading through the whole article. It’s a thanks from me to you. 😉

What I mean by: ”he believes he can do it” is that he is NOT LIMITED, by his thoughts.
Every single thing we do, that we really want to accomplish can be determined by our feelings about it. We can always tell if we will manage to achieve our goal/desire or not before we even start.

Elon Musk

Those feelings that tell us about that are a result of our subconscious beliefs about our desire.
If we truly BELIEVE that we can do it, then we can 100% do it. But 99% of people are not honest with themselves when answering that question, they’re blinded by the desire and the good emotions that they get when thinking about achieving what they want. But deep down they know if they’ll achieve it or not.

You just have to look. Look deep into yourself, into your thoughts and heart and write down the genuine feelings you get before you take action and start something.

This is the number one reason 99% of people fail to accomplish their greatest desires and I will more about this in the future since it’s an advanced topic and it requires a post of its own.

However, if you want to start changing your life now, here’s a book that will teach you exactly that. It’s amazing and I can vouch for it.

But for now, keep this in mind before taking actions: ”What does my heart say?”

Thanks for reading.

Until next time,

– Benjamin 🙂

2 Replies to “5 Tips You Can Use to be As Successful as Elon Musk

  1. Nice post. I read his biography, but I didn’t know everything that you wrote here.

    It seems that everything boils down to focus. Both Bill Gates and Warren Buffett said that focus is the most important factor in success.

    I also once read that the founder of Ikea used to look at life in 10 minute blocks because he said you can accomplish a lot in 10 minutes. I guess Elon Musk always takes things to the next level by looking at life in five minute blocks.

    Nice article! Thanks for posting it.

    All the best,


    1. Derek, thank you very much for reading!

      Dividing your life into small time slots can definitely be extremely useful and productive.
      In fact, I’ve got a post coming up explaining exactly that and how it helps me with my procrastination habit, which I’m not proud of. Haha.

      Thanks for leaving a comment,


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