Eliminating Negativity

Positivity and positive thoughts.

There are 2 kinds of emotions in this world. Positive ones like love, joy, happiness and negative ones like hate, anger, guilt, and shame. As we all know like attracts like, you always attract more of what you think and focus on. Therefore you should always be focusing on the positive and seeing the positive side even in the not so good situations.

The hardest part of trying to start focusing on positive thoughts is programming that into your subconscious mind because you have probably been focusing on the negative for so long you have no idea where to start.

Where to start?

We all have ups and downs in life where things just aren’t going great, but then we make them even worse by complaining and being negative. We get stuck in a loop of negativity, where we constantly think negative thoughts, attract negative experiences and then think some more negative thoughts which attract even more negative experiences. It’s a loop of doom.

Here’s my number one tip to get back on your feet and turn your life around, which I have used many many times.

Become the observer.

What I mean by that is to detach yourself from the thoughts you think, don’t associate and connect with them emotionally, but rather just let them be. Don’t judge them.

This is the main goal of meditation, but I use it in everyday life just as much. By observing instead of judging and emotionally connecting with your thoughts you are taking away the power and impact of those thoughts. When you do that you automatically raise your vibration and you stop attracting negative experiences.

The frequency of emotions:

Here’s a scale of thought vibrations. What we are doing is simply shifting our focus from feeling angry, sad, guilty – emotions on the bottom of the scale and shifting to the neutral state, by observing the thoughts and not associating with them.
Vibration of emotions.

After you are in the neutral or observer state it is much much easier to recognize and think positive thoughts, it’s much easier to attract the experiences you want, which will lead to you being happy, joyful and excited about life which then puts you in the highest vibrational state possible.

Remember, observe and do not connect with negative thoughts, don’t judge them either, just let them pass. After a while you will get really good at observing all kinds of thoughts, when that happens you can slowly start trying to connect with positive thoughts and experiences, which will also create a loop, but this time it will be one that you will genuinely enjoy and allow you to experience all the blessings life has to offer.

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 -Benjamin 🙂

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