This 20-minute Daily Routine Will Change Your Life.

Meditation will change your life.

Yes, the title is true.

Today I’m gonna talk about one of my habits, which takes some time to master, but once you do your life will never be the same again, if you keep on practicing of course. 😉


They say it takes at least 21 days of doing something in a row, in order to make it a habit, so before you proceed, I want you to take 20minutes for the next 21 days and set them aside. I would recommend you do this the first 20minutes after you wake up. Don’t check your phone until after you do this!

As you know in my past few posts I talked about being the observer. Many of you have been messaging me asking how you actually observe the thoughts you have.

The answer is meditation. Yeah, I know: boriiiiing…

But, not really. It’s just that people don’t know how to meditate correctly.

How to meditate correctly:

First off find a nice quiet and comfortable place where you won’t be interrupted for 20minutes.

The quieter the place the better, you don’t want any distractions.

Next, sit with your legs either crossed or straight. Make sure your spine is straight and your head is neutral.

Then select a focal point. A focal point is an object that will keep you from getting distracted. Some people prefer physical focal points, like a candle. Some prefer a mental one, like the tip of your nose or maybe your palms or legs. (Experiment with what works for you.)

Once you get yourself comfortable, close your eyes put one palm on top of another and just breathe. Breathe naturally and just be present. Focus on the feeling on the tip of your nose or the feeling in your hands or whatever you chose.

(If you still feel like meditation is hard, here’s an INCREDIBLE book, that helped me figure out meditation and made it quite easy to understand.)

Meditation will change your life.

Instead of avoiding, observe.

Now, this is very important. Many people mess up here. So listen up. Meditation is not avoiding your thoughts, meditation is observing them. Just watch the thoughts go by, don’t connect with them, but just watch from a neutral point of view. Remember, you’re not your thoughts. You’re the observer, who is watching them.

With every inhale, take a little pause and hold your breath and then exhale. Make it natural though, do not force it.

With every breathe, notice the sensations in your body. After about 5minutes you should notice tingling and other very calming and relaxing feelings come up. They will get more intense as you continue.

Feel the changes inside:

Think of these feelings as change. Your body is changing and evolving every single second, just like everything else in nature. Feel these changes, embrace them, love and enjoy them. Embracing these changes and accepting them will really take away all the worries, negative thoughts and the power that the ego has over you.

After 5-10minutes you will notice the thoughts aren’t even there. Sure, one will come by and try and say hello every few minutes, but the space apart them is much much longer.

By doing this you will get your thoughts under control, your anxiety will improve, you will feel like you’re the guardian of your own mind, which you actually always were, you just didn’t realize it. From now on your ability to guard your mind and only allow the thoughts in you actually want (positive thoughts), will get better every single day you do this. You will find yourself more and more aware of your thoughts during the day and slowly with time, you’ll be able to have full control over the feelings you feel and the thoughts you let into your mind. It’s incredible.


You will get better and better over time, don’t expect to become a master in a couple of days, this takes weeks or even months. Depends where your current level of attention is sitting.

I personally do this twice for 20-30 minutes, but I find I get the best results in the morning.

Also, don’t give up. As I said, if you decide to do this, do it for 21days straight and try to make it more intense every single day. Remember, the key is to feel more and more sensations in your body every single time.

Hope this helps out, thanks for spending your time reading this post.

Until next time,

– Benjamin

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