Feeling Drained After Talking to Someone? Change Your Life by Recognizing and Removing Energy Vampires

People who drain energy

Arguments are so pointless, they always start and ends because people don’t know how to take care of their energy and they don’t know how to get more of it.

Today we can see a lot of energy vampires, they truly are everywhere.

Who are energy vampires?

Energy vampires are people who are deeply unhappy with themselves or their life.

They feel like they’re constantly drowning and they feel like there’s no way out.

Energy vampires usually develop because there’s big unhappiness and sadness in one area of their life. Sometimes, however, these people can be discontent about more than just one area of life. The more unhappiness and anger that they hold the stronger energy vampire will they become.

It’s not really that hard to recognize an energy vampire. All you have to do is give out a little bit of energy. Here’s an example.

How to check if someone is draining your energy?

Let’s say you grab a coffee with someone and you chat with them for a few minutes. After that conversation, ask yourself and check in with your energy levels.

Do you feel happy, motivated and inspired? Or do you feel lack, signs of unhappiness and discontent with your life?

If after you finish with a conversation you feel happy, motivated and inspired. That’s absolutely great, you should continue hanging out with people like that. It means that they’ve their priorities set right and that they give out and energy as you talk to them, I call them positive people.

Unlike the positive people, there’s this other group. This group is called energy vampires. If you feel emotionally drained after a conversation with someone. Maybe even uninspired and unmotivated, depending on how long you talked to them. If you answered yes, then there’s a big chance that you were a victim of an energy vampire.

Energy vampires quote

See people who are deeply discontent with themselves or their life, don’t have the energy they need. They barely have the energy to survive and in order to keep pushing through the pain and unhappiness, they need to take other people’s energy.

How Energy Vampires Drain your Energy?

They drain your energy by having an argument, making you doubt yourself or making you feel the same emotions they’re feeling. When they do that, they absolutely drain you.

When you get into a fight with an energy vampire it’s like leaving your car’s lights on overnight. Guess what, the next morning your car won’t start because the battery is completely dead.

Here’s the resemblance. You know what else will be completely dead after spending a lot of time with energy vampires? You will.

Surround yourself with people who lift you up.

I’m not saying all people are energy vampires all the time. But we can all be energy vampires if we don’t resist the dark temptation.

Follow the light, surround yourself with positivity, be grateful and content and most importantly do what you love. That’s number one way to stay clear of energy vampires forever.

If you already are surrounded by energy vampires, however, slowly but surely remove them from your life. You don’t need those kinds of people on your journey.

Until next time,

Benjamin 🙂

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