Change Your Friends, Change Your Life.

surround yourself with positive people
You are a direct result of your environment.

When you first come into this world you represent a blank slate. You’re this magnificent clean sheet of paper that has no writing, marks or tears on it. You’re mark free.

When you come to this world you come here to paint. You come here to create, draw, mark and even tear that paper. You are an artist and every single day that you spend on this planet called earth, the invisible paper you always carry with you will get some more paint on it.

Many people say that we’re a result of our thoughts and beliefs. Yes, that is completely true. You know what else is completely true?

The fact that you’re actually a sponge that absorbs everything it sees, hears and feels. This is especially true when you come to this world. Up until the age of 15-20, you’re absorbing everything around you. You absorb the way other people dress, act, talk, etc. You absorb it all.

After the age of 20, you stop absorbing so rapidly. In fact, the rate which you’re absorbing at slowly starts to drop. By this point, you’ve absorbed so much that you know what to do in 99% of situations.

surround yourself with positivity

The important question which pops up here is: Who did you absorb your information from? The answer is your environment.

Surround yourself with positive successful people.

There’s a good saying that goes something along the lines of: ‘’You become an average of 5 people you spend your time with.’’

In the past year, I noticed this very clearly. As I switched ‘’friends’’ and started meeting new people I also noticed my habits, behavior, and outlook on life started to change. I couldn’t believe it.

Before I used to be constantly stuck in this loop of negativity and seeking fulfillment, I spent over a year in this loop and it was terrible, but I didn’t even realize it. I’m not blaming anyone for the fact that I soaked up other people’s behaviors and actions. I’m only using it as something to talk about and demonstrate how this works.

After a while, I just had enough. I cut them off. I cut off everyone who I didn’t like or I didn’t aspire to be like. I cut off people that didn’t care about me and I cut of people that I wasn’t impressed by or I thought they had nothing going for them.

I know that sounds EXTREMELY harsh, but it’s what I had to and it’s what most of the people have to do as well in order to reach success.

surround yourself with successful people

I did spend some time being lonely, hanging out alone but after a while of working on myself and being a lone wolf, my life started changing.

People started coming into my life from all directions. People started contacting me and asking me for collaborations or just giving me opportunities. It’s like the universe automatically connected me with the people I always wanted to meet.

I’m 100% sure this is all because of me being brutally honest with myself and my life desires. It all happened automatically after I started working on what I really wanted and desired.

Become friends with people who inspire you.

It’s not that I have more friends now, in fact, I have less. But the few friends that I do have not only support me and contact me daily, they also have a similar vision in life, a similar positive outlook and a similar mindset.

They share the same interests as me and most importantly they have qualities that I also aspire to have. Not only do we help each other out at all times, which gives all of us a mutual benefit, but we also enjoy spending time together and talking.

When you spend time with people you aspire to be like, you will naturally pick up and absorb their behavior. In short, you will become what you ASPIRE to be like. It’s incredible.

It all starts with cutting people off. It’s hard, it makes you feel weak, vulnerable and lonely, but I promise that if you do your thing and keep at it, eventually people who you always wanted to be around will come into your life automatically.

Be open and accepting of every single person.

It’s important that you say yes to every SINGLE request you get. You have no clue how these people will come into your life, they just will and you won’t expect it. Therefore open every single person that is trying to connect with you or offer you something with open arms. Be honest with yourself and others and YOU WILL CONNECT with people that you’re meant to connect with.

Don’t let your ego judge who’s worth connecting with. Accept every single person with open arms.

It’s incredible how it all works and I really hope this made sense. I tried doing my best to make it as easy to understand as possible, but I still feel like I haven’t done a good enough job. If there’s any confusion please don’t hesitate to contact me.

In short: Cut out friends who don’t lift you up or you don’t aspire to be like. You need to be around people who support and praise you while they also work on themselves. It might be hard to cut them off and take a risk. But I promise that being a lone wolf for a month or two will pay off big time in the end, in fact, you’ll be living the dream.

Thanks for reading. I wish you an incredible day and a lot of courage.

Until next time,

Benjamin 🙂

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