Mindfulness in Business

(How Meditation Doubled My Income)

It was December 2018, a few months after I had opened my new business.

December is usually the time of year when people take it easy and relax, but for me, this past December was the exact opposite.

It was hectic. My phone was ringing non-stop and I was getting new clients all the time.

I’m usually the type of person that never turns down a good offer or a client in need of my services, but at that point, I had to.

I would say I turned down 3 or 4 BIG clients in just that month, but I’m glad I did.

If I hadn’t done so I’d be facing some serious burnout, which would take me a while to recover from.

But even though I did turn down those clients I mentioned, I was still absolutely buried in work. At that point, it was just me and I wasn’t outsourcing anything.

(Business lesson > outsource as much as you can).

I was working 14 hour days to make everyone happy, but because of that, I had to sacrifice something.

I had to sacrifice my own happiness, which I knew wasn’t going to be an option long term.

So I made a deal with myself.

I made it a priority to take a day off, a day where I wouldn’t do any client work and luckily I managed to survive.

This day was December 31st, of course, I enjoyed myself in the evening, but it was all about my priority in the morning.

I had to fix my schedule. I never wanted to work more than 10 hours per day, that was my goal. In essence, I had to come up with a solution that would allow me to do more in less time.

I achieved it by following 2 principles.

The first one was the 80/20 principle. This principle states that 80% of results come from 20% of the actions.

I analyzed my schedule and quickly realized that I was spending a few hours every single day, doing small jobs, that I didn’t like or didn’t get paid well for.

I fired those clients/outsourced those jobs.

Just doing this alone helped me bring down my working day from 14 hours to about 12.

The second principle was mindfulness meditation.

I used to meditate about a year ago, but I stopped because I didn’t see any major improvements in my mood or mental clarity.

Boy, was I wrong…

I quickly realized that I hadn’t done meditation correctly (in fact I fell asleep most of the time while doing it).

So I researched more about it and found a simple, but really effective way to meditate.

After just 2 weeks of practicing mindfulness meditation daily, my effectiveness at work started skyrocketing. I was more focused, efficient and I was able to do a lot more in less time.

Meditation allowed me to achieve exactly what I was looking for and here’s how I did it.

Mindfulness in Business

How to Meditate

I made it a priority for the month of January to meditate every single day for a minimum of 20 minutes.

I would meditate as soon as I woke up and stretched. By stretching first I was able to stay awake during the meditation.

Here’s how I meditate.

I sit in a comfortable spot, with my spine straight and against a wall.

I put my smartphone in airplane mode and set a timer for 20 minutes.

I place my hands on my lap and start focusing on my breath.

By focusing on the breath, I’m able to bring my attention back to the focus point, each time I get lost in thoughts.

The focus point is the tip of your nose, it’s the area of your nose where you can feel air passing in and out of your lungs.

And this is all meditation is.

It’s sitting in a calm place and focusing intensely while battling distracting thoughts.

The human mind produces 70,000 thoughts a day and the better you are at not getting distracted by them, the better you perform.

Each time you get lost in thoughts, bring your attention back to the focus point. Keep repeating this for 20 minutes.

how to meditate

By following this routine, you’re training your brain to stay focused on the task at hand, no matter what the mind says.

This will benefit you greatly if you keep it up for only 2 weeks.

Long Term Benefits of Meditation

In the past few months of meditating I have noticed MANY benefits, here are some of my favorite ones. You’ll experience most in just 2 weeks of meditating.

Better and more stable mood

Quite quickly I was able to find an improvement in the way I felt. I’m naturally quite anxious and start feeling depressed if things don’t go my way.

But that completely disappeared with meditation.

It was like I started seeing everything in a more positive and optimistic life.

Also, failure and disappointments don’t make me feel sad or depressed anymore, rather I just start looking for a new solution.

Just the benefits on the mind alone, make meditating worth it. But this is just the start.

Improved Decision-Making

Naturally, I’m a terrible decision maker. I take a long time to decide on what option to pick and even when I do, I start overthinking if my choice was the right one.

It’s a terrible feeling that I don’t wish upon anyone and yes it does get pretty awkward when you have to make a quick decision and others are waiting on you.

Luckily, meditation helped me big time in this area.

It’s like I got this new increased confidence in myself.

I’m now able to make decisions faster and when I make one, I don’t overthink.

Urge to do more and do it better

Most of the time I’m a procrastinator, that uses 100 different anti-procrastination techniques to help me get started on a task.

Within the first few days of mindfulness meditation, I found myself not needing those anymore.

I started getting more excited about the work I had to do and I naturally wanted to do it.

But this didn’t work for everything, it only worked for tasks I like doing and I’m passionate about.

I guess the fact that meditation helps you find what you truly like is just another benefit of doing it.

Increase in curiosity

With the good feeling of doing what I truly like, I came to another realization.

I started reading more. I got this urge to learn about stuff, I got this urge to talk about new things and make sure I knew all about it.

It’s like I got a whole new passion for studying.

Increase in Attention Span and Focus

Within the first few days, I was starting to notice a difference in my ability to focus.

I struggle with ADHD, so my focus is often all over the place. But meditation really helped to calm my mind and help me focus on the task at hand.

Dealing with ADHD is like listening to YouTube on autoplay at full volume while trying to focus on something else.

By meditating I was finally able to turn that ‘’autoplay’’ off and I’m so glad I was able to do it.

How to Stick to Meditation

Mindfulness meditation can be developed into a habit, just like any other activity.

If you truly want to experience the benefits of meditation, you need to do it for at least 20 minutes on a daily basis.

In order to follow through with that, you can use my FREE Habit Tracking Tool, which will make sticking to meditation a lot easier.

habit tracker tool BenjaminStrusnik.com

The first few days will require a lot of motivation to do it, but as soon as you cross off those first few days and you start experiencing the benefits, you’ll do it on autopilot.

Set a time of day, do it daily and UPGRADE your life.

You won’t believe how much of a difference meditation makes.