All Your Goals Are Just a Single Ask Away

achieve your goals

“Sometimes all you have to do is ask, and it can lead to all your dreams coming true.” ― Randy Pausch

We often think that getting an opportunity for work is hard. Well, it’s really not.

I used to think to myself: I really want to work, but what can I work on, what am I good at and how do I find an opportunity to work?

Because of those confusing questions, I went to the internet for answers. With time I discovered that I can make money and work by posting videos or blog posts or whatever it may be. Many years ago I started just because of that, to make some side money. This happened when I was about 12.

With time my interests started to change. I lost my interest in posting YouTube videos and became interested in different kind of things. I developed a big interest in spirituality, connecting with people and working.

You accomplish goals with your passion:

I think I have had a passion for connecting with others ever since I was a little kid. I think I stopped focusing on that passion after I discovered the internet. I didn’t need to go out to talk to people, I was able to find opportunities for work from home, etc.

I completely abandoned my huge passion for connecting with people all because it was all so easily available. It was all available to me through the internet.

That changed big time this year… I noticed the passion again. It all started when I returned back to my passion for writing. I started this blog to help out others all while being able to journal and express my thoughts. One passion lead to another and I re-discovered my passion for talking and connecting with people. That’s the reason why there were a lot of posts on how to connect with others. Hint: It’s all about honesty.

Believe in your dreams and others will believe in you too:

Anyway, after a long time of struggling to find something that I would love to work on online, I took a different route. I decided to start reaching out to people. Old friends, family, acquaintances…

I explained to them what I’m able to do and the knowledge that I have and offered to help them out. One thing lead to another. One client lead to another. With time this whole network developed. A network of wonderful people that share the same mindset as me and are able to help each other out.

I’m now able to do what I love. Do what I love and what I’m good at (I acquired the experience over the years of online work) as well as connect with people and offer them my services.

Ask to achieve all your goals in life

Connecting with people really is key to success. I cannot explain how many opportunities there are out there and I promise that you can build a business doing anything you can possibly think of.

All you need to do is ask.

We are all naturally programmed to be afraid of rejection, but I promise that if you TRULY believe you’re good at what you do and you like doing it, with time you’re going to start landing clients who will give you the opportunity.

A single person is all that’s needed to get you started. Do a good job on the work you’re doing for them and you’ll get even more opportunities.

A simple ask is all that’s standing in the way of your dreams.

Until next time,

Benjamin 🙂

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