How to Achieve the Highest Level of Happiness

Achieve the Highest Level of Happiness

The truth is, we all feel lost sometimes.

There are times in life where I felt pretty lost, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do.

I hated the idea of living a “standard” life of just waking up, going to school/work, getting home late, watching a boring tv show and numbing my feelings of unfulfilled potential with food.

That got me thinking and wondering, is this really how life is supposed to be lived? Is this really are there is this to it? Part of me was convinced and was prepared to accept it, but as always there was something in me doubting this idea.

I can’t possibly believe I’ve been put on this earth to live a basic life where every single day is the same and I am not doing what I love.

Feeling lost

Why it’s important to have a vision.

That reminded me of an important lesson I learned about 5 years ago. Always have a vision.

I cannot possibly explain how crucial this is. What you need to do is strive for something and have set goals that align with your heart and genuine interests.

This is where we can fall into another trap which I call the “ego” trap. This is where we set goals that we do not actually care about, but our “ego” / self-image does. These are goals like money, status and other materialistic objects. These goals do not make us stronger or wiser, but rather just bump up our ego and give us even more of the “fake pride” that we do not need. Except for the ego, the ego needs that to live and stay alive.

Have a vision

Instead of taking, give.

Which is why I ask you that when you set your goals, be specific and most importantly: don’t just focus to take, look to give and make sure you absolutely love to give, what you give.

That might be hard to understand, but true happiness is only achieved when we help others. Try to think of something you are really really good at or something you like doing and then look for how you can give and help others by doing what you are good at naturally.

This will not only fill your heart with love and kindness, but it will also allow you to manifest the number of blessings into your life which I cannot explain. The key is to give without expecting anything in return, when you achieve that, true miracles start happening.

For me, I always loved helping people out with any kind of issues that were familiar to me. I also always loved writing as I find it calming and a great way to express my thoughts and that is exactly what I am trying to do with this blog. 🙂

When you figure out what you genuinely want to do and how you are gonna do your best to help others, set a goal of some sort. For example: help a 1000 people or be nominated for the best self-help blog or maybe something completely different. It can be anything you want, just make sure it doesn’t come from the place of ego and self-image.

Instead of taking, give.

Plant the seed.

Next, try to put your vision/goal into a movie or clip and insert that into your mind. Visualize it, feel it and try to “live it”. Do this as much as possible, every day, every free minute that you get. This will align you with the right people, things and circumstances for you to easily achieve your goal and vision. And since we made sure your vision is genuine and true to your heart it will be that much easier, trust me.

But most importantly, action. Take action and make it a habit to take a new step into the direction you wish to go. Many small things will add up over time and in a few months when you look back, you may realize your entire life turned around for the better. 😉

Until next time,

— Benjamin 🙂

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