How Benjamin got started?

Benjamin’s journey started back in 2014 when he first discovered the world of business and self-improvement.

At 15 years old, he felt very shy, unsure and self-doubting about himself.

He wanted to change, so he went on a mission to turn his life around.

Using the tactics mentioned on this website, Benjamin completely transformed his life and discovered who he really is.

It all happened through consistent action and the world of business, which explains his passion for this topic.


What does Benjamin do now?

Benjamin runs a web design, social media and consulting business named BS Media. He helps businesses grow and generate traffic, using the latest and most advanced techniques.

With these advances techniques, Benjamin helps companies generate traffic, even if they don’t have a BIG budget.

What’s Benjamin’s goal with this website?

Benjamin wants to show others that it is all possible. Things like:

  • Building confidence,
  • Building a business,
  • Making a lot of money,
  • Meeting new (better) people,
  • Waking up with a feeling of excitement.

These are the things Benjamin desired ever since he can remember, after 5 years of work, he finally achieved them.

And NOW his goal is to show YOU, how he achieved them and help you achieve them as well.

Looking to contact Benjamin?

Some of Benjamin’s Achievements:

  • At 12 years old, Benjamin created a smartphone review channel, which has accumulated over 6 million views over the years. Today it’s Slovenia’s number 1 smartphone review YouTube Channel.


  • At 15, Benjamin created his first e-commerce store, which generated him 4 figures monthly. He later sold the store to go pursue bigger business ventures.


  • At 18, Benjamin founded BS Media, a web design, social media and consulting business. Today he still manages, optimizes and scales business processes at BS Media.