10 Ways You Can Give to Others That Cost $0!

Give with no expectations

I often talk about giving. In fact, giving without expectations is probably one of my favourite topics to talk about.

I talk about giving so much, because when you give you project love and kindness. That comes right back at you, because of the hermetic principle: As within, so without.

In short, your life is a mirror and it reflects back at you exactly how you feel inside and how you impact others. Another good saying is: Treat others as you’d want to be treated.

Many times I get asked: How can I give? I don’t have much money to give to people, thus I can’t make a difference.

That’s such a basic mistake. People only think they can give away money and help out others financially. But what if I told you money actually doesn’t help out people that much, sure it can help. But often times people cherish other things that you can give to them much more, than financial help.

Give with no expectations

Here are 10 things, that you can give to anyone at any time, that don’t involve money. When you give out these things, you’ll be blessed in a way you can’t imagine. You’ll meet new people and make new connections, which are crucial to succeed today.

1. Time

This is a basic one, so I’m going to list it here first. When you decide to spend time with someone, you’re always in a state of giving. Of course, make sure that time is valuable and that it makes the other person feel good in any kind of way. People often don’t realize this. Time is the most precious asset we have, so make sure to also give it to others from time to time.

2. Advice

Whenever you see someone struggling with something. Always offer them advice, if you’ve ever been in a similar situation yourself. Offer them advice on what helped you and let them know how you took care of that problem.

3. Introductions to other people

This is a huge one. We often forget that the ability to connect with others is one of the most precious gifts we have. In fact, connecting and collaborating with others is exactly why we’re the most successful species on planet earth.

When you notice that someone is in a need for something and you know someone who can provide that. Introduce them and connect them. You’ll help them both, big time.

4. Compliment

We all like compliments, every single one of us. The mistake we often make is to compliment on something that the other person already likes about themselves. What I’d suggest is to give genuine compliments to areas of their life, where you feel they’re insecure or maybe not as sure about themselves. I promise that if you make the compliment real and genuine, they’ll be incredibly happy and grateful.

5. Honesty

These days we all often wear an invisible mask. This mask protects us from being and getting hurt. It helps us not to let in stuff that might hurt us.

The thing is this same mask (ego) prevents us from making a genuine and honest connection with others. It hurts our relationships and our whole life.

So the next time you talk to someone. Be genuine about yourself, don’t tell a single lie and always tell things how they truly are. It will allow the other person to do the same. People really do cherish honesty.

Help out and provide value

6. Knowledge

Humans are always curious. They’re curious about things that interest them and things that they want to know more about.

The second you notice that someone is showing genuine interest in something you mention, tell them more about it. You can notice genuine interest, by a slight change in their voice. Share your knowledge with them. Let them know more about the topic and fulfil their curiosity.

7. Make it a habit to hit them up and talk to them.

We often get so busy with our own lives that we forget about others. It’s very easy to forget about your friends if you’re not in the same environment.

I suggest you make it a habit to hit up others/friends, at least once a week. This used to be a big one for me. I’d get so busy with my own life that I’d forget about my genuine friends. That’s why I made it a habit to message or call people I care about at least once a week. I learned this tip from some of the most successful people in the networking game.

8. Emotional support

Providing emotional support is another incredible way to give to others. In fact, it’s one of the most valuable ones. Often times when we’re feeling down or overwhelmed. A person we can talk to about our feelings can be of great help.

My advice to you is to be that person. Cheer people up when they’re feeling down. Let them know it’s all going to be ok. I promise that they’ll feel grateful and I promise that they’ll remember you forever. The most important thing is that they trust you. They have to trust you about their insecurities and weaknesses. In short, the masks must be off. See: How to Make Other People Trust You Faster

9. Provide guidance

We often feel lost in the hectic lifestyle we live. We get confused about our vision, goals and life purpose. Often times this is when we really need someone to talk to.

Be that someone. Be someone who guides others in the right direction. Help them work out their strategy, goals and vision in life and motivate them to take action and pursue it. Make them believe they can do it and make them see their purpose in life. This can really help out others.

10. Always look to give, always look to help.

Whatever it is, help out. Whenever it is, help out.

Don’t be someone who thinks helping others will make you look low-value. Remember to always give. Whatever it is, just do it and I promise you’ll feel much better and happier yourself. No matter if it’s opening the door for an old lady or returning a wallet to someone who lost it.

Be in a state of giving and always look how you can make the current moment better and more enjoyable for others.

You receive what you give.

Following these tips will transform your life completely. You’ll be happier, more successful. You’ll form better relationships with people. You’ll receive help when YOU need it, without even having to ask for it.

In short, when you CARE about others, the universe will reward YOU, by making others CARE about YOU.

All you have to do is leave your ego at the door and keep on asking yourself. What can I do to bring value to this person/situation (if you know them or not)?

Thank you.

Until next time,

Benjamin 🙂

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