THE SECRET for EXPLOSIVE Growth in Business and Life!

THE SECRET for EXPLOSIVE Growth in Business and Life!

Are you familiar with the intense satisfaction after completing a difficult task/solving a hard problem?

These are consequences of what I call ‘’pushing work.’’

There are 2 types of work:

– Pushing work
– Repetitive work

Both of these types of work will help you achieve your business/life goals, but you need to be very careful which you focus.

Each type of work will produce different results.

Pushing work:

– Consists of solving problems, you don’t know a solution to,
– Requires a lot of testing and failing,
– Can only be performed with deep focus and concentration.

Pushing work delivers results, it creates new opportunities and possibilities. It allows you to SCALE YOUR BUSINESS at an incredible speed and only when you can scale, you can achieve your goals.

This type of work only requires 1 thing:

It requires a constant re-examination of your GOAL. Your goal needs to be extremely specific and it mustn’t be changed until achieved.

When you have a very specific goal you can ALWAYS reverse engineer to it…

You can ask yourself — ‘’how can I achieve it’’ or ‘’what do I need to do to achieve it’’. These are key questions to quick business scaling. Asking these questions, while laser-focused on your goals is HARD, but it pays off.

Repetitive work:

– Crucial work that keeps your business afloat (customer service, dispatch center, content creation, etc.),
– Easy work to perform and learn,
– Repetitive work will not result in business growth, it will only keep it afloat.

Key to explosive growth:

1. Focus on your goal, ask yourself: ‘’What do I need to do to achieve it?, What problem do I need to solve?’’

2. Find the problem (example — increase sales) and then focus on finding the solution to it. Finding a solution is simple, in essence, it’s all about testing until you find what works.

3. When you have found what works you’re done with Pushing work. Congrats, you turned it into Repetitive work. Now hire someone to do the pushing work, teach them what they need to do and how to do it. Transfer all the repetitive work onto them.

4. Congrats on successfully scaling your business. Now that you have someone doing the repetitive work you can go back to step 1 and do it all over again.

5. The more you can rinse and repeat this process, the faster you’ll grow and scale your business. The more time you spend performing Pushing work, the more results you’ll get.

Example of how this would actually look like:

You’re running a drop shipping, it’s all going well and good, but you want to scale and grow the business to the next level.

Main advertising is done on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram (content creation). This type of advertising is generating a lot of sales.

The problem is that you’re spending 80% of your time on content creation (Repetitive work) when you should focus on problem-solving and scaling (Pushing work).

You’re making 50€ per hour doing this.

A smart thing to do here is to hire someone, to focus on content creation (Repetitive work) and pay them 15€ per hour, this will free up 80% of your time.

With the free time you now have, you need to focus on solving the problem.

To find the problem return to your goal and ask key questions:

What do I need to do to achieve it?

What problem do I need to solve?

After you find the problem, focus on it and do a lot of trying and testing until you find a solution to it. After you solve another problem you increased your hourly rate from 50€ per hour to 100€ per hour.

But now you’re once again spending 80% of your time doing the repetitive work, so what do you do?

Simple, you once again hire someone for 15€ per hour to do the Repetitive work, so you can again focus on the Pushing work.

It works like magic. 😉

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