THE BEST BOOK ON HABITS - Benjamin Strusnik

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THE BEST BOOK ON HABITS - Benjamin Strusnik

I Hacked Self-Discovery with Business, here’s how

We all start off in this world with no clue about who we are.
It’s like we’re thrown in this world without being told why.

When you think about life in that way it can be either empowering or depressing.

Because you can do whatever you want.
There are no rules, there are no principles.
The only principle is your happiness.

Because we humans always need meaning.

We need meaning to function, to be happy, to wake up with a sense of purpose.

That’s where it gets tricky.
That’s where life gets hard.

I don’t think this is scientifically proven…
But I think a part of our brain (one that never stops talking) starts playing a more major role at the age of 12.

At least that’s how it was for me.
I’m no neurologist, but I’m pretty good at self-awareness.

It was at the age of 12, that I started getting more and more confused about life.

It was like my entire world shifted, from being all fun and games to the harsh reality of it, OVERNIGHT.

I started feeling more and more confused about everything.
My confidence (which was as at an all-time high at 10 years old), started shattering.
There would be less and less of it every single day.

Fast forward to the age of 15 when I went to secondary school…
At this point, I was more lost than I had ever been.
My confidence was the weakest it had ever been.

But from this point onward, it was an uphill journey.
Listen up…

By no means was the journey of shifting my life direction easy.
It was very painful in fact.

But I noticed a pattern…

After every painful event, after every uncomfortable situation, things got better.

The uphill journey started by putting myself first.
I changed the BIG question.

Instead of asking:
How do I want others to see me?

I started asking:
How do I want to see myself?

This changed everything…

I always thought I liked money.
I thought money made me happy (it does to some degree).

But I found my true happiness as a byproduct of trying to make money.
Let me explain…

At the age of 15, I got more serious about my graphic design hobby.
I started studying it more, practicing it more and talking about it more.

I got better, fast.
I reached out to some potential clients and closed them.

I made my first money. It felt amazing.

I was hooked.

I thought I loved making money, but there was something else…
Something I loved even more.
I loved doing business.

With every goal set,
with every skill learned,
with every client closed,
I got a tiny bit more of what I was looking for.

I got a tiny look into who I really was.

This enabled me to:
get more confident,
eliminate anxiety,
make a lot more money,
get an edge over everyone else.

Business is a video game.
A video game you play in real life.

With every failure or success, you’ll be a step closer to the best version of you.

You’ll be a step closer to knowing who you really are.

Allow me to guide you through this incredible journey.


Here’s Chapter 1 of a book introducing a system that changed my life and a system that will change yours.

THE BEST BOOK ON HABITS - Benjamin Strusnik

But before I do, here's a DISCLAIMER.

This e-book is NOT FOR YOU IF YOU:
- don't like feeling confident,
- don't like making serious money,
- don't like learning new valuable skills,
- prefer depression/anxiety over happiness,
- you sacrifice your own happiness, for the happiness of others.

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